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XO Lifestyle Worldwide Corporate Team

Jeanette Brooks

Founder & CEO


Jeanette earned her degree in Speech Pathology at Brigham Young University. She was later selected from candidates across the country for an internship with the Utah State Board of Education, while earning her Master's degree in Educational Administration.

Jeanette spent eight years in education and served as a Speech Pathologist, an Aphasic Teacher, Easter Seals National Camp Director, and High School Administrator. She also owned and operated a Diagnostic School. While working as a Teacher and Educational Administrator, Jeanette became involved in sales and network marketing. Her enthusiastic sales approach and results-oriented style of leadership led to her extraordinary success as an Associate, Manager, and eventually National Sales Trainer.

A firm believer in network marketing, Jeanette founded Yurika Foods Corporation, and, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, directed the Company's product development, sales, marketing, training, and production of publications and sales materials. Jeanette is recognized as a dynamic motivational speaker and was honored to be selected as a keynote speaker at Senator Campbell's World Conference for Women.

Jeanette also founded and was Executive Vice President of Phoenix International Corporation. Jeanette's ideas and creativity were key to the development of the Phoenix for Life weight-control products and the marketing materials. Jeanette also developed weight-loss products and set up clinical trials for Universal Health & Diet Products.

Jeanette was a founder of Pure De-lite® Products, Inc. and served as its President. Jeanette was the driving force behind the $300 million in retail sales achieved by Pure De-lite®. She also played a critical role in the development of the Pure De-lite® products, packaging designs, and marketing materials.

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MXI Corp, Jeanette's network marketing and traditional business background and experience has played an invaluable role in the development of the Xoçai products and image, as well as the training and motivation of its Independent Distributors and Field Leadership worldwide.

Andrew Brooks

Founder & CFO


While earning two Bachelor's degrees from the University of Calgary, Andrew started his entrepreneurial career founding his 1st company distributing sugar-free products. While Andrew was focusing on diabetic-friendly products, a new trend of low-carb dieting was introduced; a lifestyle very similar to that of a diabetic.

Already a successful entrepreneur, Andrew's dream was to obtain an MBA from Harvard. Included in his Harvard application was a business plan to merge his diabetic-friendly company into the low-carb lifestyle. In 2000, Andrew made the decision to leave his Harvard MBA opportunity to implement his business plan and co-found Pure De-lite® Products, Inc., a sugar-free, low-carb chocolate company.

Due to the popularity of the low-carb lifestyle, Pure De-lite® generated over $300 million dollars in sales and was retailed nationwide in stores such as Wal-Mart®, Walgreens®, and GNC®. The founders of Pure De-lite® discovered that if chocolate was processed properly it contains the highest levels of antioxidants.

In May of 2005, Andrew helped introduce the world's 1st Healthy Chocolate, Xoçai. Rather than staying within their retail roots, Xoçai would be sold directly to their consumers and provide independent distributors with an income-generating opportunity.

As Founder and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Andrew's vision is to transform and improve health worldwide while providing a long-term and socially responsible business opportunity.

Chanda Zaveri

Founder & CSO - Chief Science Officer / Master Formulator


As President and Founder of Actiogen Corporation, parent company of SkinHealix, Chanda has been a pioneer in skincare since 1994 having developed products, based on novel peptide chemistry, in the skin care/ cosmeceutical, dermaceutical, and wound care industries. Her commitment to science and understanding of biological cell structures and how to communicate with it using specially designed peptides has made Chanda one of the world's leading experts in cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, wound-healing technology and cancer chemotherapeutic innovations.

The Skin

It is no mistake Chanda invests her expertise in developing formulas that are functional and optimized in providing maximum health to one of our most vital and neglected organs; our skin. After diagnosis of a medical condition where her treatments severely damaged her skin, Zaveri focused on developing products that revitalized her skin and relieved her from pain and the adverse effects of her medical treatments. SkinHealix proudly showcases many of the formulations developed during that period encapsulating immense benefits to both damaged and healthy skin.

Patented Power and Clinical Studies


Truly innovative products that empower your skin to be beautiful. Both the advanced science and the ancient botanicals in our products results from research of Dr. Chanda Zaveri, a renowned chemist and molecular biologist. They have been tested and proven effective in independent laboratory studies. SkinHealix products are exclusive patented formulas, utilizing our own proprietary peptide chemistry. They are more effective than other products which use the shared, commercially available peptides that are found in other skin care lines.

These formulations are combined with vitamins, minerals, and herbal and plant extracts which work in synergy to produce superior skin care and anti-aging treatments. We welcome you to share our success in "Skin Care & Beauty through Advanced Scientific Research" and to experience the pleasure and benefits of our SMART SKIN Products!"

Brad Stewart



Brad's distinguished career includes building his own successful companies as an entrepreneur, authoring books and publications, and hosting a nationally syndicated talk show on business and finance. Brad has proven his ability to arouse enthusiasm among colleagues, while at the same time identifying over five hundred million dollars of new business throughout his career. Brad has been involved in network marketing most of his adult life, having worked as a distributor and as a key consultant to many of today's top companies. As President of XO Lifestyle Worldwide, Brad is looking forward to finding, building, and retaining the most successful distributors on the planet.

Dr. Gordon Pedersen

CEA - Chief Education Advisor


Dr Gordon Pedersen Is board certified in anti-aging medicine, has a ph.d in medical research and is a naturopathic doctor. He has formulated over 150 products and is the author of numerous medical journal articles including publishing the cure for malaria. Dr Pedersen is XO's CEA, Cheif Education Advisor, where he can use all of his talents to researh and develop new products, produce educational materials and present credible messages that are duplicatable.

Dan Martin

Executive Vice President


Dan Martin is the Executive Vice President for XO Lifestyle Wordwide.

S. Mark Vincze

Vice President Finance


Mark is the VP Finance for XO Lifestyle Wordwide. His prior professional experience includes 25 years in leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies including large insurance and healthcare companies in California and Nevada. Previously he was a Certified Financial Examiner for the State of Nevada, Insurance Division. Before that Mark held CFO positions with Sutter Health Systems, Tenet HealthCare and Humana Corporation.

Mark received his bachelor's degree from University of Nevada, Reno and has completed graduate level management courses from San Diego State University. Other specialized training included Humana Key Management Leadership training in Louisville, KY and actuarial certification by Milliman Corp in Brookfield, WI.

Mark lends his time to various non-profit community service organizations and enjoys snow skiing and golf.