MXI Multi-Millionaire Members

Jeremy Reynolds


Founder and former CEO of VMI Nutrition, Jeremy was selected by MXI Corp to be the master distributor for Xocai Healthy Chocolate in 2005

Although he became a self-made millionaire before his 32nd birthday, things didnt start out so grand for the MXI Ambassador

I started my career in business answering phones for a nutritional products company, says Jeremy I think I was the lowest-paid employee at the time, but I set a goal 6 by 6 That meant that I was going to earn a six-figure salary at that company within six years

I had no idea how to do it, but that was my goal I saw a clear vision of what I wanted, and I kept that vision in mind every day

And sure enough, six years later, Jeremy was VP of International Sales, earning a six-figure salary and more Later, Jeremy started his own nutritional powder manufacturing company under the slogan Be Ethical, Be Responsive, Be Profitable His customers appreciated Jeremys openness and honesty, and within five years, Jeremy built his tiny company into a 30-million niche producer Today, that company has annual revenues exceeding 100-million

Jeremy served some of the best-known names in retail and network marketing, including a company in Reno called Pure De-Lite Chocolateyep, what we now know as MXI Corp, the makers of Xocai, the Healthy Chocolate

Why did Jeremy sell his company and go into Xocai Healthy Chocolate full time?

Says Jeremy, When I supplied powders and pills to these huge names in network marketing, I saw something in my life that wasnt right Yes, I owned my own company, but I didnt own my own life

I saw these network marketing professionals making as much or more money than I was

But, they also had TIME FREEDOM; they could enjoy the businesses they built, instead of being slaves to them

The combination of a world-class product in Xocai and the chance to run my own business out of my hometo spend more time with the people I love and doing the things I lovethat was the ultimate answer to what I was looking for"

Today Jeremy, Karen and their 3 children live debt-free in their dream home in North Salt Lake, Utah

Sherm and Ruth Smith

Triple Diamond Executives

Wow! What an honor it is to have made this amount of money while doing something we enjoy so much. We derive personal satisfaction from helping others improve their health while earning an income. What could be better than that?

People often ask what we have done to build our business. We really do not have a magic formula, but one thing we have done is to treat it as a business from day one. We have been so fortunate to be mentored by Butch and Carolyn Swaby, to have the support of MXI Corp, and to have attracted so many great leaders to our team. All we have done is share the product and business with others and help them to do the same.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make us successful!