The Xocai The Perfect Combination

Today's business climate is a demanding, challenging one. As a result, it's vital to possess a complete package of elements to ensure long-term growth, stability and overall success. Fortunately, Xoçai's perfect combination of Product, Science, Timing, Company, and Compensation delivers an opportunity unrivaled by any other.


  • Proprietary processing helps retain nutrients that give Xoçai its impressively high ORAC score (ICT 6-ORAC Certified)
  • No artificial ingredients, fillers, caffeine, waxes or unnatural sweeteners


  • Literally hundreds of studies on the primary nutrients of cacao
  • Health benefits are obtained by daily consumption of 600-900mg of flavonoids-just one class of antioxidant compounds found in abundance in Xocai


  • Experts are noting various factors that indicate premium-grade healthy chocolate is poised for massive growth over the next decade
  • Baby boomers have lead to the next great boom-the wellness industry


  • Founders with a proven track record-Jeanette Brooks built Pure De-lite, a leading company for sugar-free chocolate in the US reaching $300 million in retail sales
  • Debt free company with a distributor retention rate among the highest in the industry


  • 7 Ways to earn in Xoçai's lucrative compensation plan
  • Low start-up cost, no inventory required, and GET PAID WEEKLY!
  • Xocai pays 50% back to its distributors