The Healthy Chocolate Company Corporate Team

Jeanette Brooks

Founder & CEO


Jeanette earned her degree in Speech Pathology at Brigham Young University. She was later selected from candidates across the country for an internship with the Utah State Board of Education, while earning her Master's degree in Educational Administration.

Jeanette spent eight years in education and served as a Speech Pathologist, an Aphasic Teacher, Easter Seals National Camp Director, and High School Administrator. She also owned and operated a Diagnostic School. While working as a Teacher and Educational Administrator, Jeanette became involved in sales and network marketing. Her enthusiastic sales approach and results-oriented style of leadership led to her extraordinary success as an Associate, Manager, and eventually National Sales Trainer.

A firm believer in network marketing, Jeanette founded Yurika Foods Corporation, and, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, directed the Company's product development, sales, marketing, training, and production of publications and sales materials. Jeanette is recognized as a dynamic motivational speaker and was honored to be selected as a keynote speaker at Senator Campbell's World Conference for Women.

Jeanette also founded and was Executive Vice President of Phoenix International Corporation. Jeanette's ideas and creativity were key to the development of the Phoenix for Life weight-control products and the marketing materials. Jeanette also developed weight-loss products and set up clinical trials for Universal Health & Diet Products.

Jeanette was a founder of Pure De-lite Products, Inc. and served as its President. Jeanette was the driving force behind the $300 million in retail sales achieved by Pure De-lite. She also played a critical role in the development of the Pure De-lite products, packaging designs, and marketing materials.

As Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MXI Corp, Jeanette's network marketing and traditional business background and experience has played an invaluable role in the development of the Xocai products and image, as well as the training and motivation of its Independent Distributors and Field Leadership worldwide.

Andrew Brooks

Founder & CFO


While earning two Bachelor's degrees from the University of Calgary, Andrew started his entrepreneurial career founding his 1st company distributing sugar-free products. While Andrew was focusing on diabetic-friendly products, a new trend of low-carb dieting was introduced; a lifestyle very similar to that of a diabetic.

Already a successful entrepreneur, Andrew's dream was to obtain an MBA from Harvard. Included in his Harvard application was a business plan to merge his diabetic-friendly company into the low-carb lifestyle. In 2000, Andrew made the decision to leave his Harvard MBA opportunity to implement his business plan and co-found Pure De-lite Products, Inc., a sugar-free, low-carb chocolate company.

Due to the popularity of the low-carb lifestyle, Pure De-lite generated over $300 million dollars in sales and was retailed nationwide in stores such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens, and GNC. The founders of Pure De-lite discovered that if chocolate was processed properly it contains the highest levels of antioxidants.

In May of 2005, Andrew helped introduce the world's 1st Healthy Chocolate, Xocai. Rather than staying within their retail roots, Xocai would be sold directly to their consumers and provide independent distributors with an income-generating opportunity.

As Founder and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Andrew's vision is to transform and improve health worldwide while providing a long-term and socially responsible business opportunity.

Dan Martin

Executive Vice President


Dan Martin has comprehensive experience driving revenue and profit growth in the real estate business for over 18 years. He has led organizations successfully in both strong and troubled economies and his focus is always the same building and training strong teams who are empowered to provide the very best customer service and who are driven to achieve the highest quality.

Dan's success can be attributed in part to his love of a challenge. Dan volunteered to take over Toll Brothers, Inc. struggling Reno division and led a complete transformation, driving revenues from $15M to over $140M within only three years of becoming Division President.

His strategy included a complete staffing overhaul and reengineering of all processes to improve quality, efficiency and customer service. In addition to the revenue gains, his work resulted in a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction from 61% to 96% in only six months and four prestigious industry awards for excellence.

Previously, Dan had served as Vice President for the booming Las Vegas market, a role that presented a different set of challenges. This time, his role was to manage explosive growth across 5 residential housing communities while maintaining the highest quality standards and finding land deals in a highly competitive market. He succeeded on all counts, securing 3 land parcels as part of a consortium and growing revenue 41% in 3 years.

Dan does not reserve challenges for his business life he also seeks them out when he's not working. He is a dedicated Ironman triathlete and trains constantly for the grueling contests that comprise a 2-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride and a full 26.2 mile marathon. In June 2008 when Dan was seeking new ways to test his endurance, he came across an opportunity to spend 2 weeks training with the Navy Seals and grabbed the chance. He describes the experience as "the hardest physical thing I have ever been through" but says it was an invaluable experience that has reformed his approach to business. Dan majored in Business at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.

For the past five years Dan has been Vice President, and now Executive Vice President for The Healthy Chocolate Company, working with over 40 countries and leading an incredible staff headquartered in Reno Nevada. He has enjoyed working in a dynamic industry with some of the best people he has ever worked with.

S. Mark Vincze

Vice President Finance


Mark is the VP Finance for The Healthy Chocolate Company. His prior professional experience includes 25 years in leadership positions with Fortune 500 companies including large insurance and healthcare companies in California and Nevada. Previously he was a Certified Financial Examiner for the State of Nevada, Insurance Division. Before that Mark held CFO positions with Sutter Health Systems, Tenet HealthCare and Humana Corporation.

Mark received his bachelor's degree from University of Nevada, Reno and has completed graduate level management courses from San Diego State University. Other specialized training included Humana Key Management Leadership training in Louisville, KY and actuarial certification by Milliman Corp in Brookfield, WI.

Mark lends his time to various non-profit community service organizations and enjoys snow skiing and golf.